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Why a Christian education?

Today, more than ever in recent history, Judeo-Christian values have been assaulted by secular humanism in our country. This new-age philosophical thinking and way of life has infiltrated our government, schools, and even some churches. But the attack has not been as great as it has been on the first and most powerful institution of all: the home. Thinking that "this is just the way things are" or that we are powerless to do anything has desensitized parents and church leaders to allow this social cancer to destroy the home. The tactics employed by the social enemy we face starts with the indoctrination of children, the younger the better. For the past few decades our young people--the future of our country--have been taught cleverly designed lies that promote the agenda of humanism, resulting in the social ills we are now experiencing. This rising force will perpetuate its values so that we will no longer be able to recognize the truth in its purest form. The only antidote to counter this on-slaught is to employ the same tactic, the one prescribed in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. The responsibility to teach children ultimately rests upon the foundation of the home. Our Christian school will stand with parents who desire this type of education. We are ready and prepared to assist you in this endeavor. Let’s be pro-active in leading the charge to bring back the core values of truth, and embed them in the fabric of our young people’s lives and character. By doing this, we will begin the healing process our current society needs.

Berean Christian High School exists to build young people's character qualities and core values, allowing them to mature and become committed lifetime disciples of Jesus Christ. The hallmark attributes that we expect from all our graduates are hard work, service to others, and excellence in all their endeavors. We aim to develop individuals who can stand secure in their faith with the Word of God, as they bring honor to Christ as their Lord and Savior.

At Berean, we offer a rich selection of academic courses, complemented with a comprehensive and competitive athletic and fine arts programs, which prepare students for college. Your child will receive an education that will give them a head start at any college or university. Together, these programs will help young people develop intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. This balanced program will help any Christ-loving youth to receive a well-rounded education.

Dr. Nelson Noriega
Head of School