We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year.

Berean Christian High School


Account Management

Berean Christian partners with Smart Tuition Inc. in 2017-2018 to manage family billing accounts. By accepting enrollment at Berean Christian a family agrees that Berean Christian will establish a 2017-2018 Smart Tuition account on their behalf.  A variety of 24/7 payment options are available. To ensure on-time payments and avoid follow-up (late) fees, all families are encouraged to enroll in automatic payments with Smart Tuition.  At annual enrollment/re-enrollment, families may choose between monthly due dates (due dates apply to both tuition and non-tuition charges) and several payment plan options.
Although Smart Tuition issues invoices and receives payments on Berean Christian’s behalf, and can discuss any account charges with families, Berean Christian is the party responsible for adding tuition and school fee charges to the family billing accounts, and Smart Tuition is not authorized to modify or remove Berean Christian tuition or school fees from family accounts.  If you think your account was billed in error for a Berean Christian charge, it will be most efficient to email Berean Christian’s accounting office with your inquiry.  For questions about fees applied by Smart Tuition, such late payment fees and fees assessed due to a failed payment, please contact Smart Tuition at (888)868-8828 (or use the Chat feature from your online billing account).
All enrolled families are expected to be familiar with the following policies and schedules (and have acknowledged review of the Tuition & Fee Schedule during the annual enrollment process):
Here are highlights of a few important policies per the above documents:
  1. A family's chosen due date is a firm due date (e.g., payment received on the 11th for a due date of the 10th is considered LATE).  Families are fully responsible for taking into consideration possible delays when submitting their payments by mail, for payment date is based on date received NOT date submitted or postmarked.
  2. A follow-up fee of $40 is assessed monthly for past due balances exceeding $150, whether the past due balance is comprised of tuition OR non-tuition.
  3. Payment by electronic check (using your bank routing and accounts numbers) may be made 24/7 over the phone or online at no additional charge.  Credit and debit card payment options are also available but the 2.85% merchant services processing fee is passed on to the payer.  
On-line Billing Account Access

All families are encouraged to establish online access to their Berean Smart Tuition billing account which allows for 24/7 access to all billing details and online payment options.  Here are the instructions for those who have not yet established their online account:

  1. Go to www.parent.smarttuition.com
  2. Click on "First Time User?" link (IMPORTANT: do NOT use "Not registered yet" link or you will wind up creating a duplicate account rather than accessing your existing Berean account)
  3. Enter any two of the following: your billing email address, billing phone number, and/or your Smart Tuition Family Id
  4. Follow the instructions shown to finish setting up your online account with a unique User Name and a secure Password
  5. Once your account is established, you may return at any time to www.parent.smarttuition.com and sign in using your chosen User Name and Password (or use the "Forgot your user name or password?" link to re-establish access.
If you have any difficulty with those instructions, (e.g., if you are uncertain as to the information associated with your account during step 3) you should call Smart Tuition at (888)868-8828 for assistance with setting up online access.  It is helpful if you know your Family ID, found on your invoices, but if you don’t have it handy they will be able to look up your account information based on Berean Christian’s school code of 12600 (provided you are able to provide other identifying information).