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Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs

What does Berean Christian look for in a student?
We look for the following in prospective students: 1) a personal desire to attend Berean Christian, 2) acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Savior and a desire to live in obedience to Him, 3) an outstanding scholastic record, 4) favorable recommendations by the youth pastor, principal, and teachers, 5) willingness to abide by the rules of the school, 6) satisfactory completion of the application documents, and 7) satisfactory completion of an interview.
How many students are admitted to each grade?
Typically 100-105 new 9th grade students are admitted each year. We are able to accept new students for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade only on a space-available basis. Each grade can accommodate 100-110 students, depending upon overall total school enrollment.   
What is the basis for selection of admitted students?
We take into consideration all the aspects of the student application: the application content, the transcript, the school and pastor recommendations, and the interview.
Who makes up the Admissions Committee?
Our Admissions Committee consists of school administrators who review the applications, conduct student and family interviews, and discuss as a committee the viability of all prospective candidates.
Are interviews required of students applying to Berean Christian?
Interviews are required for every student and his/her parents/guardians as part of the application process to Berean Christian. Our registrar works with families to establish an interview appointment once all other aspects of the application (online application, all recommendations, transcripts, etc.) have been received by Berean Christian. They are conducted by one of the members of the Admissions Committee. The interview is really a conversation in which the student has an opportunity to tell about himself/herself, what his/her passions are, his/her educational goals, and why he/she wants to attend Berean Christian.   
What are my chances of getting in?
Unfortunately, admission to Berean Christian is competitive. We remain committed to accepting those students who show the greatest potential for success in our program.
If for some reason we need to withdraw an application, what is that process?
Please notify the admissions office in writing if you decide to withdraw a student's application. The letter must include both the student's and the parent/guardian's signature.  We regret that we are unable to refund application and enrollment fees upon withdrawal.
Do you accept transfer students?
We can accept transfer students only if a currently enrolled student leaves. Transfer space availability varies from year to year.
How much is tuition?
Please visit the Tuition & Fees page for detailed information about tuition and potential additional fees. 
Is financial assistance available for students?
Yes, to financially-qualifying families who complete a Tuition Assistance Application (which is separate from the application for Admission). Please review the Financial Assistance page for further information.
When will we be notified of the admissions decision?
For incoming freshmen, offers of admission are extended on a rolling basis until enrollment capacity has been reached. In general, prospective 9th grade students who have fully completed the application process by 2nd week of January (including family interview) will be notified by or before early February. Those who have completed the full application process by 2nd week of February will be notified by or before early March.
For transfer student applicants for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, timing of admissions decisions depends upon the re-enrollment status of Berean Christian's current students, who are guaranteed their re-enrollment slots through February. Transfer applicants who have fully completed the application process (including family interview) by 2nd week of February will be notified by early March. If Berean Christian is aware before March that there will be available capacity in a given grade, qualifying transfer applicants may receive admissions notification sooner.
Decision letters (including offers of admission, offers of wait pool status, and denial letters) are sent by mail. Students who are offered a position will have one week to accept the offer.
After February, applications for all grades are considered on a space-available basis and prospective applicants are advised to email Berean Christian's registrar before applying to determine if applications are still being processed for their grade. Later applicants can typically expect a decision within 2 weeks of completing the entire application process. 

What happens if a student has been placed in the admissions waiting pool?
If a student has been offered wait pool status, he/she must respond in order to accept the offer or to withdraw from consideration. If the student chooses to remain in the waiting pool, he/she will be notified if a space becomes available. Historically, we have been able to accept a few students from our waiting pool most years for most grades; however, we encourage all students to have a back-up plan in the event we are unable to accommodate them.

Are sibling and legacy applicants given priority in admissions?
While we do appreciate the importance of having siblings enrolled at the same school and the sense of family that sibling and legacy applicants bring to our community, we cannot guarantee admission based on association alone. These prospective students must also demonstrate the spiritual maturity, academic success, and leadership ability they would need to succeed at Berean Christian on their own.

Is attendance at Prospective Student Day or Family Open House events required of students and families applying to Berean Christian?
These school visits are optional but highly recommended. The Prospective Student Day visit gives students a chance to see a Berean Christian school day in action. Students have the opportunity to visit a class, go on a campus tour with a current student, and attend an admissions information session with other prospective students. Family Open House opportunities allow parents and prospective students to learn more about Berean Christian's curriculum, educational philosophy, and mission. Additionally, attendees meet faculty as well as current Berean Christian students and parents.