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Board of Directors

Governance for the School is provided by the Board of Directors, whose membership includes the Principal. The Board carries the overall and ultimate responsibility of the School’s management, policies, and perpetuation. It hires and evaluates the Principal, who is responsible for the oversight of the daily operations and for the implementation of Board policies. The Board of Directors serves as a major resource for the support and growth of the School. Together as a team, the Board of Directors and the Principal work to maintain the vision for the School, consistent with its mission, and to develop and approve long-range and strategic plans.
Board of Directors
Executive Committee
  • Mr. Matt Rutledge - Chairman of the Board
  • Pastor David Clift – Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Pastor Glen Evans - Secretary/Treasurer
Officers of the Board
  • Pastor Russ Belmont
  • Mrs. Kristy Nass
  • Pastor Chris Oliveri
  • Mrs. Jeanette Houston
  • Mr. Brett Haring
  • Mr. Scott Tudor