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Berean Christian High School

Sunday, February 25th: 2019 Educational Trip to Europe Meeting

Dear Parents and Students,

During our first meeting it was decided we will be traveling to England, France, Switzerland and Italy with other stops in between, during 2019 Spring Break. Please see attached the brochure with more details about the trip. On Sunday, February 25th, we will have another important meeting to cover more exciting details about this awesome opportunity to travel to Europe.

Berean Christian students will receive extra-credit from teachers in various disciplines (History, Art, Photography and more). However, this educational travel opportunity is not limited to our students. We welcome your family, extended family, college students and friends to join us on this amazing journey.
Sunday, February 25th, 3pm
Berean Christian High School, room B6 (next to boys restroom, the Gym and parking lot).